How does the matchmaking work in war thunder

Both this game/wot and warthunder have battle tiers but i still feel war thunder does it better by giving individual tanks/planes a ranking queue times for two tier mm ^ this right here no matter how well-written your post is on the subject, it 'll never work if there aren't enough people in the mm pool. Seemed to suggest that my average battle ranking would determine the sort of opponents i'd be matched up with could someone explain this to me edit - thank you everyone for your replies i don't understand why they made the matchmaking system that way, but i at least understand how it works, lol. The balance in war thunder largely depends on the matchmaker and player skill people may tell you otherwise but there are very few broken vehicles in the game and even then its usually a case of a vehicle being tiered to high or to low, more than a fault in its performance it does however get worse,. I'm willing to try it of course i'm pretty sure i understand how all this works to begin with and i'm not a fan but perhaps in practice it'll somehow work straight upgrades are awful if i wanted to play world of tanks, war thunder, or world of warships, i would play those games - and most of us probably do. It's getting annoying when a lot of games are decided before they even start eg entire team is 67 with a token vickers vs leopards, maus. Hi guys, recently, we have noticed that there seems to be a complete lack of understanding when it comes to the war thunder matchmaking so this post will hopefully address most of these issues --------------- 1) the match maker this is how the match maker works in each battle type : aircraft.

For a brand new player, i'd actually suggest starting with the i-15bis as mentioned the matchmaker works on battle rating, so if you fly the lagg then you'll meet tougher opponents so, after decided which aircraft you'd like next and putting it in research, all you have to do is fly your other aircraft after each match you. Combined with skill-based matchmaking, this could really level that playing field, and you can take matters into your own hands more often but i do have an idea about how to go forward with that or at least to make the game a bit more balanced as we all know there is a game called war thunder,.

Battle rating edit battle rating (br) is used to balance out planes based on how well they fight, or how dangerous they are some planes have different battle ratings in realistic battles than they do in arcade battles matchmaking edit war thunder takes into account your planes' battle rating (br) when deciding battles. So my question is, how exactly does match maker determine what people i get teamed up with and how it determines what i am going to be facing let me rephrase the question: what statistics is the matchmaker using to make teams and deciding who i will be facing in a game it is not just tier and br. In air arcade mode, matchmaking works differently in comparison with any other mode – it is performed in accordance with the average battle rating of several aircraft with the highest br among all the all you have to do is select the desired battle rank and assemble the required aircraft in your set.

There is no skill-based component to the matchmaking every public battle except tier 1 gives each side a mixture of the various classes and tiers of tanks ( at tier 1, players face off against other tier 1 players) generally, the random selection of players works out so each player ends up with a comparable. Worrying: flawed matchmaking and opaque “battle rating” system unintuitive and fiddly crew skills system the need to research/unlock repair kits and fire extinguishers frustrates and prolongs the grind long repair times can be annoying {default} war thunder: ground forces is the second phase of the. Gaijin entertainment has integrated cross-platform play into its free-to-play military mmo war thunder on ps4 this means console users can now play alongside or against existing pc and mac players on the same server, despite the unique control schemes between versions war thunder is the second. In the same league different players could have 5000, 8000 or even 13000 rating points and matchmaking works the same way there as in other leagues: taking, say, our 13000 point player and slowly increasing the range in which it finds his teammates and opponents first, 12990 to 13010 then, second later, 12980 to.

How does the matchmaking work in war thunder

War thunder is a online wwii multiplayer combat game developed by gaijin entertainment for microsoft windows, mac os x, linux, and playstation 4 | see more ideas about war thunder, armored vehicles and germany.

  • Can't figure out how the matchmaking system works tired of being overtiered angry at the seemingly random battle ratings this quick guide aims to clarify.
  • While there is only one overarching server for all of war thunder, there are 4 regional servers for specific areas from the war thunder faq page: before entering matchmaking, click the drop down menu at the top of the screen just above the to battle button this will bring up a screen looking like this.
  • So, there is so much work that has gone into this game, and that is what makes it great but what doesn't make it great, is the fact that the matchmaker hasn't been tweaked to allow for more balanced and fair gameplay if you use the xvm mod, which i'm sure a ton of people do, you will notice that the wn8.

Popular world war ii battles will be present in the enlisted in separate campaigns to re-create each of these battles requires not only the creation of separate content like new locations, characters, weapons and vehicles - it also requires a huge amount of work on creating the game rules and balance in them this is why. Lowering your overall br only works if you have only one aircraft with the highest br in your lineup (eg one on br 50, all others are at least 47 or lower) the formula takes aircraft of up to 20 difference in br into consideration (eg for 50, 30 is the maximum difference) what does that mean for you, as.

how does the matchmaking work in war thunder The matchmaker would take in consideration the latency of the client (as it certainly does already) this is a similar system used in war thunder, which i consider to be logical and optimal obviously the most interesting question is: will it continue to work like this in beta / full version the problem is, they.
How does the matchmaking work in war thunder
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